Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 5: An exercise on IDEATION

What do you think is the main underlying theme of the clip above?
Well. I think its thinking creatively to act out situations where the props would be used.

What are some skill sets that would be needed by the comedians to make their impromptu presentations successful?
They have to quick in their ideas and thinking because not much time is given. They have to experienced and most importantly being creative.

How do you think you would be able to hone your skills that you have mentioned in question (2)?
I could improve my creativity by trying to draw more things and add even more details.My imagination could be improved by trying to be more creative in my sketches, drawings and pictures i take.

How then would the skills that you mentioned be useful and applicable in your other domains and subject areas?
IT would be very helpful in my ADMT subject and sketching.

Week 5: Sustainable Design...a wow idea!

Based on the clip, what is your understanding of the term 'Sustainable Design'?
It basically refers to a useful design of something that can be sustained and is useful to everyone.
Something everyone can afford and stuff.

Can you think of other possible situations where sustainable design can be incorporated?
Yeah. Like how the importance of food storage is but apparently its lacked and sustainable design can be enforced in this case as the lack of food storage will just lead to spreading of diseases.

What do you think inspire him to come out with such a solution?
Well. He had received some comments two years ago and i guess that was the point of time when he realised that not everyone has electricity for refrigeration.

How would such a contraption benefit Mankind?
It would provide the 1.6 billion people with access to storing vaccines, food and fuels.