Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Sustainable design is also called environmental design,
environmentally sustainable design, environmentally-conscious design,
etc ; is the philosophy of designing physical objects,
the built environment and services to comply with the principles of economic,
social, and ecological sustainability.

Sustainable design it also to eliminate the so called
negative environmental impact completely through skillful, sensitive design.
The motivation for sustainable design was articulated in E. F. Schumacher's 1973 book Small Is Beautiful.

Sustainable design is basically a general reaction to global environmental crises.
Its also creating materials or objects that are useful
and environmentally to the earth and not wasting natural resources.

Some of the examples of a Sustainable design are,

Some of the principles of Sustainable Design are Low-impact materials, Energy efficiency, Quality and durability, Design for reuse and recycling, Design Impact Measures, Sustainable Design Standards, Biomimicry, Service substitution, Renewability and Healthy Buildings.

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