Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 10: Revisiting 'Bad Design' - IDEO's Shopping trolley project

1. In your opinion, what are some of the problems that the current design of the shopping trolley has?
Basically i think its safety and convenience. There are a number of children getting hospitalized because of getting hurt while using the trolley. Convenience is basically because when there's alot of people in the supermarket and sometimes you cant find your way through.

2. What are some of the rules instituted by the IDEO's design team, and why do you think were they instituted?
One conversation at a time. Stay focused on topic. Defer judgment. Encourage wild ideas. Be visual.

3. From your observation, what are some of the company's culture or practices that have made IDEO one of the best design company in the world?
They are somewhat creative in terms of planning. The company that isnt that sit down and have a meeting kind of company. They have fun innovating at work and they express their creativity in their own work space.

4. How do you think some of these culture or practices can be implemented or internalised in SST, or within you as a student?
We can also have a creative board in the ADMT studio so that students can just randomly paste their ideas on that board.

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