Saturday, June 26, 2010

Holiday work - Part 2: Deepening your learning experiences

Observation 1 :

Usually if you look around when it is dismissal time from school, sometimes some grandparents may pick their grandkids from school and usually like help them carry their bag and stuff.
The bag's weight are depending on whether its primary school students or younger. But sometimes, while going home the children will play with friends around an area for a while which leaves the grandparents standing there holding their heavy bag waiting.
The students should be able to carry their own bags and not let the elderly carry it especially if its filled to the brim with books.

Observation 2 :

Most of the elderly would usually like stay in the living room to read the newspapers and they will never forget their read glasses before they start reading it.
This shows that the vision of the elderly worsens and especially when sometimes they cant find their reading glasses, they would try to make out the blurred words by squinting their eyes or like bringing the newspaper nearer to their eyes.

Observation 3 :

Something because of old age, the elderly tend to forget alot of things as they grow older and sometimes when their kids or grandkids tell them to do something and when they forget, they will always get scolded like saying they are really forgetful and stuff.

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