Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Selecting your EQ's

First -

How can the younger generation reconnect with the elderly to have a better relationship between each other?

The younger generation are drifting away from the elderly. Especially the teenagers caught up in their own teen world and not spending time with their grandparents.

We have to find a way to reestablish the relationship between grandkids and grandparents. Even if they are not related, we should try to strengthen the relationship between young and old.

Second -

How can we improve the mode of transportation for the elderly like getting around?

With some disabilities of the elderly like finding it hard to like walk around and stuff, we have to find a real better way to help the overall aging population so that they will be more active and go out other than just staying at home and maybe just hooked up on the television.

We have to find a way to improve the current mode of transport to let the elderly move around with ease and stuff. Like what exactly can we modify with the current transportation or what something new can we create to help them.

Third -

How can we bring simple technology into the lives of the elderly so that they will learn new skills and maybe connect with their family through the internet?

With the elderly always staying at home and sometimes hooked on the television, they have to let them see the other side of technology so that they will also be exposed to the internet and stuff like Facebook and Skype.

With these basic skills on the fingertips of the elderly, it will be really easier for them to communicate with friends and their loved ones in the country or maybe out of the country so that they can stay connected and stay up to date with the news and happenings in the world.


  1. Interesting questions. There are some potential areas that you might to follow up as part of the ADMT project.

  2. Your questions are interesting. You think from the elderly's perspective and also gave questions that could be answered with different answers.

  3. I would think for the third question, i dont think the elderly would know how to use facebook. I would think they should try to start emailing first.